This project began from a twelfth century Sufi poem, A Conference of the Birds, by Farid Ud-Din Attar, in which a group of birds travel on a transformative journey. Attar's text is rich in allegory and explores a number of themes. The two questions asked in this project are: 1. What is the wilderness? and 2. How can it speak about us?

Dwight was born in Illinois and earned an A.B. in Religion from Bowdoin College. For nine years, he worked and travelled through Europe, North and South America. He lived in nine cities and held about forty jobs - including elephant garlic salesman, English teacher at a Brazilian community center, and actor in a Spanish zombie film - before moving to Brooklyn, where he operates a furniture business. Dwight is an experienced outdoorsman and has attended residencies at Vermont Studio Center and La Muse Retreat, France. He lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. 

Instagram: @dwightcassin